Rules (for Discord and Minecraft Server)

We are not responsible for you not reading the rules. If you have received a warning or have been banned as you "didn't read the rules" then that is not our fault. It is your responsibility to make sure that you read the rules, follow them and comply to them in both the Minecraft Server and the Discord.

Minecraft Rules

  • This is factions, it is all about making the most money and becoming the best and most strong faction. With team work you should work hard to protect your stuff and take down your competition when needed. Raiding is allowed.
  • PvP is allowed.
  • X-ray and hacked clients are not allowed.
  • No exploits, glitches or finding loopholes within the server.
  • Do not ask for an admin to retrieve your loot if you have died whilst AFK - this is your own risk.
  • Do not ask if we can retrieve your stuff if you die (e.g. from someone killing you or accidental death).
  • If you have died due to a glitch then take a note of your death coordinates (as displayed in your text box). Please let us know what has happened and we will investigate this. We would advise you not go to the chunk where you have died in the case that it was a glitch and you do not wish to lose important items. Once you have returned to the chunk then the de-spawn timer will begin and there will be nothing that we can do.
  • No cobble-monsters, water-casting or lava-casting unless this is in your own claim (mixing lava and water).
  • You CANNOT claim ANY end pillars. This is to make it fair for all of the players and factions within the server.
  • We use an anti-cheat that monitors player behaviour for suspected flying, duping, xraying etc. The game may decide at times to kick you from the server if you flag up often or severely enough.
  • If you find, suspect or know of a hacked client that you are able to use on the server, you must inform a moderator or admin right away so we can investigate this.
  • If you find an exploit in the server/factions/shop/economy/trading/backpacks, you must inform a moderator or admin right away so we can investigate this. If we find you have abused this for your own advantage (or have decided not to disclose this information) then you will receive a warning and may receive a ban depending on its severity (e.g. it has put you at a fast and significant advantage to other normal players).
  • Arena (/warp arena): Within the arena you do not lose any of your inventory or XP levels, but if you are killed you will begin to lose power each time you die. You CANNOT leave a faction for the purpose of not losing power due to death from PvP in the arena. It is highly advised that you warn your members that they do NOT go to the arena if you do not wish to lose power. There is an exception to this that we may make the decision to ban them from joining your faction again if we suspect they are deliberately trying to lower your power (see below).
  • Land claiming: You cannot claim around another factions claim - this is also known as "b*tch claiming". The reasons people may do this is trying to be clever to avoid a faction from expanding/advancing their base or defences. You can claim a chunk next to it for the purpose of raiding but at no point can you claim all around another factions claim so they are unable to expand their claims.
  • Faction raiding: You may only raid another faction if you are in one yourself. You must create or join a faction for a reasonable amount of time to allow you to raid. If you are found to be abusing this rule by creating and then leaving a faction within a short amount of time, then you will be banned. Factions is about team vs team and therefore raiding can only exist between factions. If you are found to be abusing this rule, then the moderators and admins will decide where the amount of time you have spent in your faction is reasonable, and not for the sole purposes of specifically targeting another faction or player for your own advantage. This is often characterised by the player disbanding their faction shortly after they have raided another faction. If you have been enemied by another faction, you cannot leave or disband your faction to allow yourself to become neutral for the purpose of a raid and using teleportation within proximity of that enemy. 
  • After being raided: Once another faction has finished raiding, e.g. the entire faction has logged out, there is no active players trying to break into your base - then you have 48 hours to make or repair your new base whilst storing any remaining and unlooted spawners. 48 HOURS ONLY IS THE GRACE TO STORE THEM AFTER A RAID IS COMPLETE. An admin or moderator may be asked to step in if you are claiming that the "raid is over" whilst the attacking faction is still active. Please don't try to continuously store spawners by setting up a "fake raid". Anyone abusing the 48-hour after raid grace period, will have their spawners removed entirely. This rule is in place to allow factions to recover with valuable items. 
  • The dragon egg: This is worth $100,000,000 in faction value. This must be placed down in your main faction territory at all times to count towards your factions balance. The only time you may pick it up is when you are stealing it or when you need to move it (not during a raid). You cannot store it and you cannot place it into a chest. You cannot hide it by placing it outside of your faction territory. If someone raids you and steals the egg in a legitimate way, then they are now the new owner of the egg and the same rules apply. If you are being raided, you CANNOT pick it up to protect it. It must remain placed down at all times during a raid. We will check regular to make sure that the rules are being followed. If you are found to break this rule, it will result in a warning and may even result in an instant ban.
  • Spawners: All spawners that belong to any players within a faction MUST be placed down in faction territory at all times. You cannot pick these up during a raid. This is to encourage players to raid and that there will be bigger and more satisfying rewards for their efforts. The only time that you can carry these on you is to move a base or home (not during a raid). You cannot store these in your faction chest, on your players inventory when you are on or offline, in shulkers or making a decoy chest. If you are found to do this then we will remove them off you without warning. If your not in a faction, then you can't have spawners. This is not an SMP, you play factions for value, and a huge part of this is via spawners. If you are found to be factionless and are storing spawners then these will be removed from you without warning.
  • Shulker boxes/backpacks: You cannot store shulker boxes or backpacks in your faction chest. Please do not try and find ways to "glitch" these into your chest. If you are found to be doing this, then we will remove them from you completely and discard them. You also cannot find ways to do glitch multiple shulker boxes or backpacks so they sit inside each other.
  • Auction storage abuse: The auction will now only allow 1 unclaimed item, you won't be allowed to list new items for sale until the unclaimed item is claimed. Auction items that have not been purchased and are left in unclaimed will expire after a certain period. This is due to a select few players getting around the limit storage but putting them in unclaimed. If we see that you are listing items in player shop deliberately for a high/extortionate/unrealistic price (for safe keeping) then we will remove it without warning. Please think wisely before fiddling around the rules to do this.
  • Alt Accounts: You can't split alt accounts across multiple factions for end of season F TOP value. If one or more members in your faction has an alt account linked to another faction, then the lowest one will not count towards the end of season awards. We'd recommend keeping alt accounts / same household in the same faction for this reason. You CANNOT use alt accounts to create additional secret bases, storage or farms. You cannot use alt accounts for storage either. You cannot use alt accounts to avoid /f enemy and for raiding purposes. Anyone found abusing alt accounts to benefit their own faction (without being in the same faction) will be banned without warning. You CANNOT use your alt accounts to get additional daily/weekly/monthly login rewards. You can only redeem these on your MAIN account. Anyone found abusing this to get additional free rewards will start having their alt accounts banned. 
  • Factions vs Alliances - definition:
  • Faction:

    Building a farm with/for/together
    Giving them your money, spawners
    Storing your found spawners/items together (shared storage)
    Sharing homes, bases, warps
    AFKing each others farms
    Giving the faction most of your items/loot
    Donating/giving them items/money/ores to boost faction value and worth

  • Alliance:
    Helping them during raids
    Leaking information to each other
    Working together to target someone
    Consistent trading which benefits each other
    Splitting loot when exploring/raiding
    Helping them to get XP/mending armour etc

  • Factions vs Alliances - Things you should take note of:
    Claim land outside another factions base for the purpose of spreading power/claims evenly
    Split alt accounts between factions (you now must merge together - as per the rules, e.g. you cannot AFK another factions farms)
    If you are going to merge, you do this because the faction leader has given up/decided to disband.
    Merge factions at the end of season (within 8weeks of the end) to win over /f top
    ***To be in an alliance, you help each other out. You do not boost each others value, you do not work as a faction, and you shouldn't even trust your alliance as much as you would your own faction members. If you are working with them like a faction, you must join them.
    faction: working together for your factions gain
    alliance: a union or association formed for mutual benefit

  • IF YOUR NOT IN A FACTION THEN YOU CANNOT WORK WITH ANY FACTION. This is a faction server so if you want faction benefits, protection, alliances, ftop, value, spawners, then you need to create one. You CANNOT use other players or alt accounts as a mode of teleportation to get to certain spots. If you find a wild spawner then you can use it for it's natural properties, but as soon as it is MINED (which we can check this) then you render that spawner useless until a faction is created. Thus it will be removed and destroyed if it has been placed down (again, which the logs will record).

  • If you are ever unsure about these rules then please ask us and we will let you know whether it is an exploit, it needs to be changed or it's a simple game mechanic. We will reward the players who pick up on an exploit and disclose it.
  • We have a great moderator and admin team and we spectate various players each day to see what you are up to and to make sure that you are playing legitimately. 

General Rules (for Minecraft and Discord)

  • No self-promotion, advertisement, DM advertising or links to other servers.
  • No spam or excessive messaging (e.g. typing the same letter/word/s over & over again within a short space of time).
  • Racism, homophobia, transphobia, hate speech, discrimination or slurs are NOT allowed. We may decide to insta-ban you depending on the severity of the rule you broke of what you have said.
  • No bullying or harassing other players (personal attacks, name calling, witch hunting or targeting someone repeatedly)
  • No posting (or searching) of other's or your own personal information (also known as Doxxing). This can include names, ages, schools, social profiles, photos etc.
  • Do not ask for other's personal information. This may include their name, age, location or gender.
  • When using public chat, please try to keep conversation in English as that is the language of choice to communicate in.
  • We aren't an airport, there is no need to announce your departure (leaving the server).
  • Please ask us if there is anything that you are unsure about.

Voice Chat (Discord)

  • Please try to minimize background noise.
  • Do not play videos or music (unless you are doing this through the music bot).
  • You can mute the music bot if you don't want to listen to the music within the channel.


  • No inappropriate or offensive nicknames or photos.
  • Mods reserve the right to change your nickname.
  • Repeated name changing is not permitted.
  • You are not allowed to change your nickname to match with another players (unless they have given you express permission).


  • No people under the age of 13.
  • Parental supervision highly recommended if you are not 18+.

Moderators and Admins

  • Moderators only have access to Jail, Mute, Kick and Ban.
  • Tell a moderator or admin right away if you wish to report something.
  • Unless you have sent it directly, do not expect that if you have put it in public, game or general chat that this will be actioned.
  • The only way to guarantee that your message has been received is to send it directly to one of the team.
  • Just because they are a moderator does not give them special permission.
  • You should always treat a moderator as another player unless you need to communicate with them to report something.
  • Admins are the only players to have access to everything.
  • We reserve the right to use our own discretion regardless of any rule.
  • We reserve the right to disconnect, mute or deafen any members in voice channels.
  • We reserve the right to remove/move you to/from a voice channel.
  • No exploiting loopholes in the rules - tell a moderator.
  • No asking to be a moderator.
  • You can report moderators and admins. If you feel you have been treated unfairly please contact the support channel in Discord, contact Zojah directly or message Zhoj in the MC server.
  • Whilst we try to ensure someone of the team is always available, please try to be patient with us as this isn't always possible.

Warnings & Bans

  • We honour a "3 strikes and your out!" system.
  • If we have warned you on 3 occasions about your behaviour, then you will be banned.
  • To appeal a ban, please message Zojah who is both the Discord and Server owner.
  • If we have banned you straight away instead of warning you, then this will be due to the severity of your actions and you should not even try or attempt to appeal it as it will be rejected.
  • If you have received an instant ban, then that is because you have done something so bad that this is worthy of an instant action.

If you have any concerns regarding the server or how it is run, please send an email to:
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