How to Play

How to Join
You can play on our server using either Java or Bedrock on any console. There are lots of videos on YouTube on how to do this depending what platform you are attempting to connect from.
Simply enter "" as the server IP to join.
Java IP: | Port:25565 
Bedrock/Geyser IP: | Port:19132

If you are experiencing lag, we recommend that if you are playing from the United States or Australia, that you connect through Geyser using a different IP.
Geyser United States proxy IP: | Port:19132

To join the Discord server, follow this invite:

Once you have joined the server, you can navigate from the lobby to either factions or kitpvp. You can navigate and switch between the servers at any point. You can run the command or walk into the set warps from /spawn. The commands for each are: /server lobby | /server factions | /server lobby

What is a Faction?
A faction is a group of players, like a team, club or clan. By being in a faction you are able to claim territory, work together to gain power and build (or destroy) relationships with other factions. 

Starting Off
When you join the server you will start at spawn. You can get back to spawn at any point (/spawn). It is highly recommend that once you join the server you random teleport away from spawn. This allows you to leave spawn safely without being attacked. You can do this by issuing the command /rtp - be warned, there is a cool down so use it wisely! You can random teleport at any time (if not on a cool down).
Once you have found a safe spot then it is advised that you claim and set a warp as soon as possible. When you start out it is likely you will die soon due to mobs (as we all so) so this is a good way to get back to your stuff quickly so you don't lose it. You can do this by typing /f claim followed by /f setwarp [name].E.g. if you want to call your new warp "base" you would type "/f setwarp base".
Once you have set your warp, if you ever need to get back there simply type /f warp [name]. This means to return to your home which is name base, you would type "/f warp base".

In factions it is highly recommended that you claim the land where your main base will be to help protect it from being raided by other players and factions.
Your claimed territory allows you to build your base, set your factions home location (without losing their personal /home's), create warp points plus much more.
A faction claims land per chunk. You are limited to how much land you can claim based on both your power and money.
Within the claimed land, the members of the faction can build within the chunks without interference of non-members.
To claim territory you simply issue the command /f claim.
(!) TIP: To can view chunks by pressing the keys F3+G together or typing /f seechunk.

Every player has a quantity of power. This power contributes to the total power of the faction.
A new player joins the server faction-less (in the wilderness) so will have 0 or less power.
You gain power over time by playing on the server and levelling up. Dying takes a small amount of power away at a time.
When a play joins a faction, the factions power is calculated from the total of its players power. Power is how that factions can acquire territory or raid another faction.
A faction can claim land as long as the power is greater than the current territory claims.
If, through player deaths or players leaving the faction, that the territory count becomes greater than it's power, then the faction can become radiable.
If the power is lower than the land count then your territory is no longer protected and enemies can now destroy blocks within the claimed land and maybe even over claim the territory away from the factions land.
(!) TIP: You can type /f who to see your land/power/max power ratio.
(!) TIP: Try not to die... Whether you are killed by another player or if you fall in Lava, you will destroy your Factions value and leave your base open to raids!

Economy & Money
Within the server you can sell and buy stuff through the server shop, player shops or auction. The server shop can be accessed with /shop where you can buy and sell most common items. There is then another shop which is ran by players. The players can sell any item in the /pshop for as little or as much as they desire. If you are struggling to find certain loot then this is also a great opportunity to buy useful items that you need. The last type of shop that we have is the Auction. The auction is highly recommend for the highest, rarest and most valuable items! Players can bid against each other to win the item. To see what items are for sale, simply issue the command /auction. For further information on how to buy, sell and access the shops then see the command section.

First Steps
If you don't think you have what it takes to run your own faction, skip to step 6. Continue reading to set up your own.
When joining a server for the first time, you can either join an existing faction or create your own.
Joining a faction involves fewer steps, work and responsibilities, as you just need to use the /f join command.

1) Make your faction - the create command lets you set the faction's name: /f create [name].
2) Give it a good description: /f desc [insert description].
3) Find a good looking chunk and claim it: /f claim.
4) Once you have claimed this chunk/land, make sure you set the home for your faction: /f sethome.
5) Recruit some (trustworthy!) members: /f invite [insert name].
TO JOIN A FACTION - 6) If you want to join a faction (after being invited): /f join [insert faction name].

End of Season 

At the end of each season the world will be reset and all player data, inventory, chests and storage will be wiped. A new world will be regenerated and everyone will have to play as normal. The seasons normally run bi-annually (e.g. 6 monthly), but we may choose to extend or close the season early if a major update has been released. We usually wait 1-2 weeks after a major update to allow our plug-ins to update and catch up.

The winning factions will be calculated from FACTION TOP [/f top]. Rewards will be given to the top 3 factions. 


You can vote and boost the server by typing the command /vote (or select the voting page within our Tebex website). You will be re-directed to various server voting websites. Once you have voted you will receive voting points which you can spend in the /voteshop. We will be adding different rewards to the shop soon so you can save your points to redeem better items. Voting is free and helps to bump the server and engage new players. Make sure that you type your full in-game name correctly into the website otherwise it will not transfer your points.

You can make backpacks which you can carry in your inventory. These are useful for creating extra space for when you are mining or on big raids! Go to your crafting table and filter the word "backpack" and you can see the different types which you can make. Certain backpacks (e.g. stone and redstone) will only collect that type of materials. The best backpack is the strange backpack which has the storage size of 2 chests! Be warned, it's costly! To enable auto collection into your backpack you need to type the command /ebpauto.

To trade with a player privately one-to-one you must be in close proximity to them. We would highly recommend meeting at spawn for the safest place to trade. To trade with the player issue the command /trade [playername]. They will receive a notification to trade with you where they can click to accept or type /trade accept. You can trade items with each other or you can even pay them money.

Access the shop with the command /shop.
Choose from the shop menu which category of items that you are interested in selling or purchasing.
Hover of the items and left click them to buy. Select the quantity by adding or removing them by 1 or 10 at a time. Press confirm once happy.
Right click the items if you wish to sell them. Select the amount you want to sell as the steps above. Press confirm once happy.
You can also press the MMB (middle mouse button) to sell stacks instantly.

Player Shop
Access player shops with the command /pshop.
You can browse individual shops to browse player specific shops or browse all items for sale.
To view their asking price, simply hover the cursor over the items. Once you have found the item that you wish to purchase simply click the item and confirm your purchase.
You will be purchasing the amount of quantity advertised for the total price advertised, you cannot buy and split the advertised quantity.
To sell an item in the player shop, hold the item that you wish to sell in your hand and type: /pshop sell [quantity] [price].
EXAMPLE: to sell the item in my hand in a total quantity of 10 for $200: /pshop sell 10 200.

1) Place the item you wish to auction in your hand.
2) Type: /auc start.
Follow each page in order;
3) Confirm how many of that item you want to sell together (quantity of 1-64).
4) Decide how much you want to start it at +$1/+$10/+$100.
5) Choose how much you want people to bid on the item in increments of +$1/+$10/+$100.
6) Decide how long to run the auction for +1 minute/+10 minutes/+1 hour.
OR /auc start [quanitity] [start price] [incremenet] [duration by minutes, make sure to follow it by the letter m, e.g. 5 minutes=5m].
EXAMPLE: to auction one item starting at $2500 with an increment of $100 for each bid, ran for 5 minutes (500 seconds):
/auc start 1 2500 100 500

/f claim: Claims one or more chunks for the given faction.
/f autoclaim: Turns auto claiming on or off. If on, any chunk you enter that you can claim, will be claimed up until you reach your faction's limit.
/f claimfill [amount]: Attempts to claim a number of blocks filling in an established shape of claims.
/f unclaim: Returns one or more chunks of faction territory to the wilderness.
/f unclaim all: The nuclear option. Removes all claims in your faction, returning them to the wilderness.
/f listclaims: Lists all coordinates of faction claims, merging attached claims into one coordinate with number of claims in parentheses.

Faction/Chat Commands
/f announce [message]: Creates an announcement sent to all faction members. Also saves the message for all current members who are offline, sending to them upon login.
/f chat [mode]: Set it so that you can speak in only faction, public, alliance, faction or truce chat. 

/w [playername]: Privately whisper to someone (where no one else can see).
/f coords: Send faction members your current position (great for need-to-know locations).

/f logins: Toggle monitoring of logins for your faction.
/f map [on/off]: View the faction map of the area around you.
/f list: List top Factions by players.

/f top [criteria]: List top factions by criteria (members, start, power, land, online, money).
/f show [faction]: Show info about a Faction. Default is yours.
/f sb: Toggle the factions scoreboard on or off.
/f help: List help pages for things.

/f stuck: Attempts to teleport you to the nearest wilderness chunk.

Faction Management
/f join [faction]: Join a defined faction.
/f mod [playername]: Promote a player in your faction to mod.
/f promote [playername]: Promote a player in your faction by one rank. Will not let you promote them to leader.

/f status: Show status of all players in your faction.
/f near: Show nearby faction members
/f open: Toggle allowing anyone being able to join the faction.

/f invite [name]: Invite a player to your faction.
/f deinvite [name]: Revoke an invite from a player. If no player is defined, it will list all players with pending invites. Click the names to revoke their invite.

/f showinvites: Show pending invites for your faction.
/f kick [name]: Kick a player from your faction.
/f ban [playername]: Bans a player from the faction.

/f disband: Disband your faction.
/f leave: Leave your faction.

/f admin [playername]: Sets the new leader of your faction.
/f peaceful: Set a faction to being peaceful.
/f rel [relationship] [faction]: Request to change your faction's relationship with a target faction. Relations can be ally, truce, neutral, enemy.

Faction Permissions
You can control who inside, or outside, your faction has access to various functionality. You can set the following permissions toggled yes/no for their rank.
/f perms: Manage permissions for your Faction.
ban: Can ban others from the faction.

build: Can build in faction territory (while not raidable).
button: Use buttons in faction territory (while not raidable).
container: Use containers in faction territory (while not raidable)
destroy: Can destroy in faction territory (while not raidable)
disband: Can disband the faction (careful!)
door: Use doors in faction territory (while not raidable)
economy: Can access faction economy
home: Can visit the faction home
invite: Able to invite others to the faction
item: Use items in faction territory (while not raidable)
kick: Can kick faction members
lever: Use levers in faction territory (while not raidable)
owner: Can created owned areas with /f owner
pain: Allows building/destroying in faction territory but causes pain (while not raidable)
plate: Can interact with plates
promote: Can promote members up to their own role within the faction
sethome: Can set the faction home
setwarp: Can set a faction warp
territory: Can claim/unclaim faction territory
tntdeposit: Can deposit into faction TNT bank (including siphon)
tntwithdraw: Can withdraw from faction TNT bank (including fill)
warp: Can use faction warps

Faction Warps
/f sethome: Set your factions home.
/f home: Go to your factions home.
/f setwarp [name]: Set a faction warp.

/f setwarp [name] [optionalpassword]: Set a warp with an optional password to your location.
/f warp [name] [optionalpassword]: To go a warp, password optional. Opens GUI if no warp defined.
/f delwarp [name]: Deletes a faction warp.

Faction TNT, Money and Power
/f power [playername]: Check power of a player. Default is yourself.
/f money balance [faction]: Check a faction's balance. Default is your own faction.
/f money deposit [amount]: Deposit money into your faction.
/f money withdraw [amount]: Withdraw money from your faction.

/f tnt: Show faction TNT bank.
/f tnt deposit [amount]: Deposit into the faction TNT bank.
/f tnt withdraw: Withdraw from the faction TNT bank.

/pay [playername]: pay another player some of your personal money (does not come from the faction).

Other commands
 /f top: Top factions

/baltop: Players with the Top Balance
/warp arena: Head to the Player PvP Zone! Visit the arena to fight each other. You do not lose levels or inventory but you WILL lose faction power (do not make yourself raidable).

Supporting the Server
We will never be a pay to win server. We happily run the server from our own pockets for our own enjoyment and entertainment. If you would like to help towards the running costs of the server then you can either donate or purchase items through this Tebex store. Your donations and support is highly appreciated no matter how large or small! Thank you.

For 30-day VIP (name tag and 6 homes):
Instant XP (great for enchantments):
In-game virtual currency (to help towards land claims, shops and auction):
Mob spawners (if you are struggling for in-game money):
To donate 100% anonymously (with no benefits): 

Keep your energy positive and make sure to have fun!

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