Welcome to unicraft.live!

What is Unicraft?
Unicraft is a Factions, Survival, PvP and Economy based server. We started the server in June of 2020 and since then it has grown with many players from around the world. You can join the server from any platform or console as it is a Java server but supports bedrock players. The served is currently hosted on 1.16.5.

We are constantly finding ways to improve and update the server to keep it interesting to players. We have a great consistent and friendly moderator and admin team to monitor the server. This isn't a pay-to-win server but you can find ways to support the server with harmless in-game purchases (that can still be gained from grinding the game also and spending no in real life money).

Please read our Guide and Rules section to help you get started.

How to Join

Simply enter "unicraft.live" as the server IP to join.
Java IP: unicraft.live | Port:25565 
Bedrock/Geyser IP: unicraft.live | Port:19132

If you are experiencing lag, we recommend that if you are playing from the United States or Australia, that you connect through Geyser using a different IP.
Geyser United States proxy IP: us.unicraft.live | Port:19132

To join the Discord server, follow this invite: https://bit.ly/UnicraftDiscord

Recent updates / announcements: